Endokrinologische Grundlagen der konservativen Behandlung des Prostata-Adenoms*

  title={Endokrinologische Grundlagen der konservativen Behandlung des Prostata-Adenoms*},
  author={J. Altwein and F. Orestano},
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Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with hydroxyprogesterone-caproate: placebo-controlled study.
A placebo-controlled study with progesterone compound, 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone 17-n-caproate (Primostat), in 39 patients with benign enlargement of the prostate is reported, finding some beneficial evidence, however not substantiated, when the patients' mode of voiding was carefully watched. Expand
Ultrastructural and enzyme-histochemical studies of the prostate of the dog under the effect of estradiol.
  • C. Hohbach
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Beitrage zur Pathologie
  • 1977
The prostate of 4 mature pure bred Beagles 12 months old was studied 3 weeks following a single i.m. injection of estradiol by means of histochemistry (acid and alcaline phosphatase) and electron microscopy to show an atrophy of active secretory cells and the basal reserve cells show an ambivalence. Expand
Urine Levels of Estrogen, Lh, Fsh in Primostat - Treated Bph Patients
Whether the initial urinary excretion of estrogens, LH and .FSH statistically correlated with the results of the hormone therapy and therefore have some prognostic value and whether the dynamics of the excretion correlate with the clinical results and could therefore explain the mechanism of the Primos tat effect. Expand