Endohaptic: virtual system for endodontic training using haptic devices

  title={Endohaptic: virtual system for endodontic training using haptic devices},
  author={V. G. Garc{\'i}a-Mac{\'i}as and L. A. Hern{\'a}ndez-Garc{\'i}a and C. Morales-Chavarr{\'i}a and E. Ric{\'a}rdez-V{\'a}zquez},
  booktitle={MexIHC '18},
This work consists in the creation of a virtual environment of endodontics training, that sends the user tactil sensations throughout a haptic device, for which the necessary tools were modeled for the Odontologist, such as the molar, where the simulation of the endodontic treatment will take place. The objetive of this proyect is to support students of Dental Surgeon major in their academic training, by acquiring the technique of an endodotic treatment and be able to implement it in their pre… CONTINUE READING

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