Endogenous and exogenous IL-6 inhibit aeroallergen-induced Th2 inflammation.

  title={Endogenous and exogenous IL-6 inhibit aeroallergen-induced Th2 inflammation.},
  author={Jimin Wang and Robert J Homer and Q Chen and Jack A Elias},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={165 7},
Chronic Th2-dominated inflammation and exaggerated IL-6 production are characteristic features of the asthmatic airway. To understand the processes that are responsible for the chronicity of this response and the role(s) of IL-6 in the regulation of airway Th2 inflammation, we compared the responses induced by OVA in sensitized wild-type mice, IL-6 deficient (-/-) mice, and transgenic mice in which IL-6 was overexpressed in the airway (CC10-IL-6 mice). When compared with wild-type mice, IL-6… CONTINUE READING