Endodontic access to maxillary lateral incisors.

  title={Endodontic access to maxillary lateral incisors.},
  author={R M Zillich and J K Jerome},
  journal={Oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology},
  volume={52 4},
One hundred thirty-one maxillary lateral incisors were radiographed from a mesiodistal vantage point. Projections of the buccal and lingual walls onto the incisal showed that 16 percent opened to the buccal of the incisal edge; 32.9 percent were buccal and inclusive of the incisal edge, 43.5 percent were buccal and lingual to the incisal edge, 6.9 percent were inclusive of the lingual to the incisal edge, and 0.8 percent were entirely to the lingual of the incisal edge. Theoretically, the… CONTINUE READING