Endodontic Treatment After Autotransplantation of Tooth with Complete Root Formation


The dental autotransplantation consists in the surgical transposition of a tooth from its original site to another, replacing a compromised tooth, in the same individual. It is a viable treatment option for tooth replacement when a suitable donor tooth is available. Autotransplantation should be considered as one of the most biologic techniques for replacing a missing tooth with minimal cost and can be carried out even after complete root formation in the donor tooth. This case report described significant vertical bone growth after autotransplantation of a mature third molar. In the follow-up period averaged 24 months, radiographic and clinical observations indicated a satisfactory outcome as follows: absence of progressive root resorption, bone regeneration and the emergence of lamina dura around the transplant were obvious in the postoperative radiograph. Clinically, the transplanted tooth functioned normally without mobility or discomfort. Received: 14/09/2016 Accepted: 05/10/2016 Published: 12/10/2016

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