Endocytosis-independent mechanisms of Delta ligand proteolysis.

  title={Endocytosis-independent mechanisms of Delta ligand proteolysis.},
  author={Anton Delwig and Christin E Bland and Micah Beem-Miller and Priscilla J. Kimberly and Matthew D Rand},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={312 8},
Delta proteins function as cell surface ligands for Notch receptors in a highly conserved signal transduction mechanism. Delta activates Notch by "trans-endocytosis", whereby endocytosis of Delta that is in complex with Notch on a neighboring cell induces activating cleavages in Notch. Alternatively, proteolysis of Delta renders the ligand inactive by dissociating the extracellular and cytosolic domains. How proteolysis and trans-endocytosis cooperate in Delta function is not well understood… CONTINUE READING


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