Endocytosis by Numb breaks Notch symmetry at cytokinesis

  title={Endocytosis by Numb breaks Notch symmetry at cytokinesis},
  author={Lydie Couturier and Nicolas Vodovar and François Schweisguth},
  journal={Nature Cell Biology},
Cell-fate diversity can be generated by the unequal segregation of the Notch regulator Numb at mitosis in both vertebrates and invertebrates. Whereas the mechanisms underlying unequal inheritance of Numb are understood, how Numb antagonizes Notch has remained unsolved. Live imaging of Notch in sensory organ precursor cells revealed that nuclear Notch is detected at cytokinesis in the daughter cell that does not inherit Numb. Numb and Sanpodo act together to regulate Notch trafficking and… CONTINUE READING
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