Endocytosis and recycling of neurokinin 1 receptors in enteric neurons.

  title={Endocytosis and recycling of neurokinin 1 receptors in enteric neurons.},
  author={Eileen F. Grady and P D Gamp and Emily Jones and Peter Baluk and D M Mcdonald and Donald G. Payan and Nigel W Bunnett},
  volume={75 4},
Neurotransmission depends on the availability of transmitter and on the presence of functional, high-affinity receptors at the plasma membrane that are capable of binding ligand. The pathway, mechanism and function of endocytosis and recycling of the substance P or neurokinin 1 receptor in enteric neurons were studied using fluorescent substance P, receptor antibodies and confocal microscopy. In both the soma and neurites, substance P induced rapid, clathrin-mediated internalization of the… CONTINUE READING
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