Endocrinologic, neurologic, and visual morbidity after treatment for craniopharyngioma

  title={Endocrinologic, neurologic, and visual morbidity after treatment for craniopharyngioma},
  author={Michael E. Sughrue and Isaac Yang and Ari J. M. Kane and Shanna Fang and Aaron J. Clark and Derrick Aranda and Igor Barani and Andrew T. Parsa},
  booktitle={Journal of Neuro-Oncology},
Craniopharyngiomas are locally aggressive tumors which typically are focused in the sellar and suprasellar region near a number of critical neural and vascular structures mediating endocrinologic, behavioral, and visual functions. The present study aims to summarize and compare the published literature regarding morbidity resulting from treatment of craniopharyngioma. We performed a comprehensive search of the published English language literature to identify studies publishing outcome data of… CONTINUE READING