Endocrine function in 98 HIV-infected patients: a prospective study.

  title={Endocrine function in 98 HIV-infected patients: a prospective study.},
  author={François Raffi and J M Brisseau and Bernard Planchon and J P R{\'e}mi and Jacques Henri Barrier and Jean Yves Grolleau},
  volume={5 6},
Endocrine function was prospectively evaluated in 98 patients (73 men and 25 women) infected by HIV in various stages of illness: Centers for Disease Control groups II (19), III (20), IVA and IVC2 (27), IVC1 and IVD (32). Testing included baseline and post-stimulation evaluation of gonadal, thyroidal, and adrenal axes. Although adrenal function was within normal values in most cases, with no differences between patient groups, nine out of 98 patients had either a low baseline or post… CONTINUE READING
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