Endocrine findings in restrained eaters.

  title={Endocrine findings in restrained eaters.},
  author={K. M. Pirke and R. J. Tuschl and Barbara Spyra and Reinhold Gustav Laessle and Ulrich Schweiger and Andreas Broocks and S Sambauer and G Zitzelsberger},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={47 5},
Restrained (n = 9) and unrestrained eaters (n = 13) were selected from a group of healthy young women. Blood samples were collected overnight at half-hour intervals. Levels of cortisol, growth hormone, and glucose in both groups did not differ, while restrained eaters had significantly lower insulin values. After a standardized test meal of 500 kcal, restrained eaters had significantly lower norepinephrine values while insulin and glucose values did not differ from those of the unrestrained… CONTINUE READING