Endocrine changes in the incubating and brooding turkey hen.

  title={Endocrine changes in the incubating and brooding turkey hen.},
  author={Bernard C. Wentworth and John A. Proudman and H H Opel and Michael Wineland and N G Zimmermann and A Lapp},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={29 1},
Turkey hens were allowed to incubate eggs and to hatch and rear young. Plasma prolactin (Prl) levels increased prior to the start of continuous incubation and rose sharply as incubation progressed to reach a peak of 1178.2 +/- 221.8 ng/ml (mean +/- SEM) just before hatching. Prl levels then fell precipitously before the hens left the nest, and returned to preincubation levels (36.8 +/- 3.4 ng/ml) by the time the poults were 2 weeks old. These results show that the high plasma concentrations of… CONTINUE READING