Endocrine aspects in pathogenesis of mastitis in postpartum dairy cows.

  title={Endocrine aspects in pathogenesis of mastitis in postpartum dairy cows.},
  author={G Y Huszenicza and Sz J{\'a}nosi and Andr{\'a}s G{\'a}sp{\'a}rdy and Margit Kulcs{\'a}r},
  journal={Animal reproduction science},
In well-managed dairy herds some environmental pathogens including Gram-negative (GN) strains (E. coli and others) have been recognized recently as the predominant causative microbes of mastitis in the peri-parturient period. In early weeks of lactation hyperketonaemia may predispose the high-producing cows for GN mastitis. In GN mastitis cytokines, eicosanoids and oxygen radicals are released, which are responsible for the local and systemic symptoms. Experimental administration of endotoxin… CONTINUE READING
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