Endocrine activity of the corpus luteum and placenta during pregnancy in Chalcides chalcides (Reptilia, Squamata).

  title={Endocrine activity of the corpus luteum and placenta during pregnancy in Chalcides chalcides (Reptilia, Squamata).},
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  • F. Guarino, L. Paulesu, +3 authors F Angelini
  • Published 1998
  • Biology, Medicine
  • General and comparative endocrinology
  • The structure of the corpus luteum and the steroidogenic activity of the corpus luteum and placenta in the viviparous reptile Chalcides chalcides have been investigated. The corpus luteum has a compact structure, almost without internal vascularized connective septa. It begins to degenerate after the middle of pregnancy, when plasma progesterone (P) remains high. The sections of the corpora lutea taken during early pregnancy showed an intense 3beta-HSDH reaction, whereas the sections taken in… CONTINUE READING
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