[Endocavernous drug infusions revisited].


From the beginning of the eighties papaverine was well established as the drug of choice for diagnosis and management of vasculogenic impotence. In the second half of the eighties decade many authors referred on experimental use of PGE1 in erection disease. PGE1 has been showed a safe and effectiveness drug. During the period September 1989-October 1990 at our Institution 98 pts. with erectile disorders were managed by I.C.I. with PGE1. Out of 98 cases 88 had success. Prolonged erection occurred in 4 pts. (4.2%). 10 pts. showed only tumescence. So there are been treated by I.C.I. with combined papaverine and PGE1 with better results. No side effects were formed in 10 pts. managed by self-injection of PGE1.

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