Endocardial expression and functional characterization of endothelin-1

  title={Endocardial expression and functional characterization of endothelin-1},
  author={Ole Saetrum Opgaard and Mikael Adner and Theodorus H. F. Peters and Cang-Bao Xu and Lars Stevenow and S{\'e}rgio Gulbenkian and David Erlinge and Lars Edvinsson and Hari Shanker Sharma},
  journal={Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry},
Endothelin1 (ET1), a 21 amino acid peptide exerts a wide range of biological activities including vasoconstriction, mitogenesis and inotropic effects on the heart. In this study, we examined whether endocardial endothelial cells express ET1 and evaluated its functional properties. Using immunofluorescence localization method, we demonstrated cytoplasmic staining of ET1 in the human endocardial endothelial cells from the right atrium and left ventricle. Employing reverse transcriptase polymerase… CONTINUE READING