Endocannabinoids and Traumatic Brain Injury

  title={Endocannabinoids and Traumatic Brain Injury},
  author={Raphael Mechoulam and Esther Shohami},
  journal={Molecular Neurobiology},
In response to traumatic brain injury, there is local and transient accumulation of 2-AG at the site of injury, peaking at 4 h and sustained up to at least 24 h. Neuroprotection exerted by exogenous 2-AG suggests that the formation of 2-AG may serve as a molecular regulator of pathophysiological events, attenuating the brain damage. Inhibition of this protective effect by SR-141716A, a CB1 cannabinoid receptor antagonist, and the lack of effect of 2-AG in CB1 knockout mice suggest that 2-AG and… CONTINUE READING


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