Endobronchial cryptococcosis: a rare cause of lung collapse.


We encountered a 46-year-old immunocompetent male patient who presented with a right upper lobe collapse on a chest x-ray. A flexible bronchoscopic examination revealed an endobronchial mass emanating from the right upper lobe and obstructing the right mainstem bronchus. Bronchial washings and biopsy of the lesion were consistent with cryptococcal infection. The response to oral diflucan therapy was suboptimal. Subsequently, the patient underwent a successful bronchoscopic resection of this mass with the placement of an endobronchial stent. We report this rare case of endobronchial cryptococcal infection treated with a combination of an antifungal agent and bronchoscopic debulking.

DOI: 10.1097/LBR.0b013e3181cd95da

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@article{Artinian2010EndobronchialC, title={Endobronchial cryptococcosis: a rare cause of lung collapse.}, author={Vasken Artinian and S. A. Dadayan and Vigil Rahulan and Michael J. Simoff}, journal={Journal of bronchology & interventional pulmonology}, year={2010}, volume={17 1}, pages={76-9} }