Endemoepidemic non-parenteral type B hepatitis in Costa Rica.

  title={Endemoepidemic non-parenteral type B hepatitis in Costa Rica.},
  author={Victor M Villarejos and Joan Serra and Gines Hernandez},
  journal={The American journal of the medical sciences},
  volume={270 2},
In an endemic area of Costa Rica nonparenteral type B hepatitis occurs at a yearly rate of 160/100,000, in an endemoepidemic pattern with periodic localized outbreaks. In a recent episode in the village of San Rafael, 23 clinical and 67 subclinical cases, all subtype adw, originated from two carriers living in opposite ends of the village. Contact transmission was identified as the mode of spread. In a coincidental outbreak in another village, San Juan, 17 clinical and 40 subclinical cases were… CONTINUE READING