Endemic cretinism: possible role for thyroid autoimmunity.

  title={Endemic cretinism: possible role for thyroid autoimmunity.},
  author={Steven C. Boyages and Joe Halpern and Glen F. Maberly and Creswell J. Eastman and Joshua Chen and Zhen- huan Wang and Ruth van der Gaag and Hemmo A. Drexhage},
  volume={2 8662},
Thyroid atrophy, rather than goitre, is a characteristic feature of myxoedematous cretinism but its cause and nature are unknown. In this study, purified IgG fractions of serum from patients with myxoedematous endemic cretinism inhibited thyrotropin-induced DNA synthesis in guineapig thyroid segments in a sensitive cytochemical bioassay. IgG from patients with euthyroid neurological endemic cretinism or from normal subjects did not inhibit thyroid growth. Furthermore, in myxoedematous subjects… CONTINUE READING