End-to-end duodenojejunal bypass for unresectable periampullary carcinoma.


Palliative operation plays an important part in the treatment of periampullary carcinoma. However, gastric bypass such as the widely practiced side-to-side gastrojejunostomy frequently fails to provide adequate drainage. Here we attempted to fashion an end-to-end duodenojejunostomy in the hope of establishing physiological continuity of the stomach and… (More)


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@article{Kajiwara1994EndtoendDB, title={End-to-end duodenojejunal bypass for unresectable periampullary carcinoma.}, author={Takahiro Kajiwara and Toshiyuki Fukuhara and Takashi Okuno and Takashi Hashimoto and Yusuke Takamine and Yoichi Konishi and Tohru Tani}, journal={Hepato-gastroenterology}, year={1994}, volume={41 6}, pages={533-6} }