End-to-End Average BER in Multihop Wireless Networks over Fading Channels

  title={End-to-End Average BER in Multihop Wireless Networks over Fading Channels},
  author={Eduardo Morgado and I. Mora-Jim{\'e}nez and Juan Jos{\'e} Vinagre-D{\'i}az and Javier Ramos and Antonio J. Caama{\~n}o},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications},
This paper addresses the problem of finding an analytical expression for the end-to-end Average Bit Error Rate (ABER) in multihop Decode-and-Forward(DAF) routes within the context of wireless networks. We provide an analytical recursive expression for the most generic case of any number of hops and any single-hop ABER for every hop in the route. Then, we solve the recursive relationship in two scenarios to obtain simple expressions for the end-to-end ABER, namely: (a) The simplest case, where… CONTINUE READING
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