End-sequence profiling: sequence-based analysis of aberrant genomes.

  title={End-sequence profiling: sequence-based analysis of aberrant genomes.},
  author={Stanislav Volik and Shaying Zhao and Koei Chin and John H. Brebner and David R. Herndon and Quanzhou Tao and David Kowbel and Guiqing Huang and Anna Lapuk and Wen-Lin Kuo and Gregg G Magrane and Pieter A de Jong and Joe W. Gray and Colin Collins},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={100 13},
Genome rearrangements are important in evolution, cancer, and other diseases. Precise mapping of the rearrangements is essential for identification of the involved genes, and many techniques have been developed for this purpose. We show here that end-sequence profiling (ESP) is particularly well suited to this purpose. ESP is accomplished by constructing a… CONTINUE READING
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