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End User Computing in AIB Capital Markets: A Management Summary

  title={End User Computing in AIB Capital Markets: A Management Summary},
  author={Andrew McGeady and Joseph McGouran},
This paper is a management summary of how the area of End User Computing (EUC) has been addressed by AIB Capital Markets. The development of an effective policy is described, as well as the process by which a register of critical EUC applications was assembled and how those applications were brought into a controlled environment. A number of findings are included as well as recommendations for others who would seek to run a similar project. 
A Practical Approach to Managing Spreadsheet Risk in a Global Business
A case-study is presented explaining the practical and pragmatic approach that was recently taken to control spreadsheet risk at one of Protiviti's clients - a global energy firm.
Exploring Spreadsheet Use and Practices in a Technologically Constrained Setting
Findings indicate that the proliferation of spreadsheets in the organization has provided an enabling environment for business automation and there is ample room for improvement in many areas such as implementation of comprehensive policies and regulations governing spreadsheet development processes and adoption.
Spreadsheets in Financial Departments: An Automated Analysis of 65,000 Spreadsheets using the Luminous Technology
An analysis of 65,000 spreadsheets for the financial departments of both a government and a private commercial organisation provides important insight into the nature and structure of these spreadsheets, the links between them, the existence and nature of macros and the level of repetitive processes performed through the spreadsheets.
Development and Experimentation of a Software Tool for Identifying High Risk Spreadsheets for Auditing
Conference paper published in Proceedings of the European Spreadsheets Risks Interest Group Conference on "Spreadsheet Risk Management" shows the importance of knowing how to manage spreadsheets risk in the event of a financial crisis.


Spreadsheets: Aiming the Accountant's Hammer to Hit the Nail on the Head
This management paper focuses on the current topics relevant to the largest user group (A&F Professionals) of the most widely used financial software application, spreadsheets, also known as the accountant's hammer.
The Importance and Criticality of Spreadsheets in the City of London
The author suggests that the City of London is presently exposed to significant reputational risk through the continued uncontrolled use of critical spreadsheets in the financial markets and elsewhere.
Spreadsheet Engineering: A Research Framework
Spreadsheet engineering adapts the lessons of software engineering to spreadsheets, providing eight principles as a framework for organizing spreadsheet programming recommendations to overcome the heterogeneity of spreadsheet users.
Documenting Spreadsheets
This paper discusses spreadsheets documentation and new means to achieve this end by using Excel’s built-in “Comment” function, which will greatly facilitate spreadsheet change control, risk management and auditing.
Correctness is not enough
This paper presents the key criteria for judging a spreadsheet and discusses how those criteria can be achieved.
When, why and how to test spreadsheets
This paper discusses the testing of spreadsheets in the light of one practitioner’s experience, and considers the concept of software testing and how it differs from reviewing, and describes when it might take place.
Sarbanes-Oxley: What About all the Spreadsheets?
The riskiness of spreadsheets, which can now be quantified to a considerable degree, is discussed, and how to use control frameworks to reduce the dangers created by spreadsheets is discussed.
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