Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms

  title={Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms},
  author={Henrik I. Hargitai and {\'A}kos Kereszturi},
  journal={Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms},
Automatic mapping and geomorphometry extraction technique for crevasses in geodetic mass-balance calculations at Haig Glacier, Canadian Rockies
Abstract Finely resolved geodetic data provide an opportunity to assess the extent and morphology of crevasses and their change over time. Crevasses have the potential to bias geodetic measurementsExpand
Contextualizing lobate debris aprons and glacier-like forms on Mars with debris-covered glaciers on Earth
Debris-covered glaciers from around the world offer distinct environmental, climatic, and historical conditions from which to study the effects of debris on glacier-ice evolution. A rich literatureExpand
Edifice of Fluvial Terrace Flights, Stacks and Rows
The paper presents a review of the architecture and structures of river deposits in valleys. A new terminology for some features is included in this review. It presents principles of the fluvialExpand
Analytical and Numerical Study of the Ground Pressure of the Work Face Crossing the Fault
The excavation of coal mine often encounters the fault problem. In this paper, the analytical study of the pressure of the fault that the work face may cross is carried out. The evolution of theExpand
Laboratory Investigations Coupled to VIR/Dawn Observations to Quantify the Large Concentrations of Organic Matter on Ceres
  • Vassilissa Vinogradoff, Giovanni Poggiali, +6 authors M. C. Sanctis
  • Chemistry
  • 2021
Organic matter directly observed at the surface of an inner planetary body is quite infrequent due to the usual low abundance of such matter and the limitation of the infrared technique.Expand
Gas-Driven Regolith-Sampling Strategy for Exploring Micro-Gravity Asteroids
A novel gas-driven regolith-sampling strategy is proposed, and a prototype was designed and fabricated for experimental validation and showed that the proposed strategy has good geological adaptability and sample-acquiring ability. Expand
Glacial landscape and paleoglaciation in Terra Sabaea: Evidence for a 3.6 Ga polythermal plateau ice cap
Abstract In a previous study, we demonstrated with a comparative morphometrical analysis the first morphometric evidence of a glacial landscape composed of glacial cirques and glacial valleys in theExpand
Quantifying the latitudinal distribution of climate-related landforms on Mars' southern hemisphere
Abstract The focus of this work is to contribute information about possible climate-related environments on Mars from a geomorphological perspective. In order to understand the latitudinalExpand
Targeting the geysers on Enceladus by viffing descent through the icy plumes
Abstract The ice plumes emanating from the geyser vents at Enceladus’ south pole offer an enticing route for direct access to acquire pristine astrobiological samples. Unlike traditional landingExpand
The Study of Observation in Physics Classes through XR Technologies
XR (eXtended Reality) technologies play an increasing role in education. Physics education suggests great opportunities for the practical realization of XR teaching. Observation is one of the mostExpand