Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients: Used in Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics

  title={Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients: Used in Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics},
  author={Albert Y. Leung and Steven Foster},
Introduction. Glossary. Natural Ingredients. General References. General Index. Chemical Index. 
Traditional uses of spices: An overview
From ancient times, spices have played a major role in the lifestyle of people from certain parts of the world. They have served numerous roles through history, including as coloring agents,
Herbal products: active constituents, modes of action and quality control
A more detailed consideration of these issues is given in relation to echinacea, valerian and St John's wort as these herbs are well studied, are market leaders and have widespread community usage.
Evaluation of traditional South African leafy plants for their safety in human consumption
Thesis (M.Tech.: Biotechnology)-Dept. of Biotechnology, Durban University of Technology, 2007 xi, 114 leaves
Formulation and In Vitro Evaluation for Sun Protection Factor of Cosmos Sulphurus Flowers (Asteraceae) Extract Sunscreen Cream
Cosmos Sulphurus(Asteraceae) flowers commonly known as Sonkusum flowers were explored to find flavonoids, so, thin layer chromatography was performed and some of the flavonoids were identified.The
Alternative and Herbal Pharmaceuticals
The use of alternative medicines such as minerals, vitamins, and herbal products has increased dramatically in recent years, and it is important that physicians, particularly the pain practitioner be cognizant of the effects of these agents, whether beneficial or harmful.
Interações medicamentosas de fitoterápicos e fármacos: Hypericum perforatum e Piper methysticum
UNESP Faculdade de Ciencias Farmaceuticas Programa de Pos-graduacao em Cienciaas FarmACEuticas nos ângeles de Segurança e Tecnológica d’Eduardo Segovia.
A Monographic Profile on Quality Specifications for a Herbal Drug and Spice of Commerce- Cuminum cyminum L.
Present communication deals with detailed pharmacognostic studies on powdered drug and review on different aspects pertaining to quality aspects of cumin.
Potential effects of herbal medicinals on perioperative care
Many of the potential adverse effects and interactions of herbal medicinals, as garnered from major texts, reviews, web sites, and articles, are summarized.
Edible compounds as antitumor agents
A review of research on diet and cancer suggests that eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans will lower the risk of developing cancer.
Medicinal herb use and the renal patient.
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