Encyclopedia of Black studies

  title={Encyclopedia of Black studies},
  author={Molefi Kete Asante and Ama Mazama},
"The Encyclopedia of Black Studies" will be the leading reference source for dynamic and innovative research on the Black Experience. The concept for the encyclopedia was developed from the successful "Journal of Black Studies" and contains a full analysis of the economic, political, sociological, historical, literary and philosophical issues related to Americans of African descent. The content is considered at the forefront of the recent explosive growth in quality scholarship in the field… 
Black Studies in the 21st Century
This article is concerned with the fact that Black studies (or African American studies, Africana studies, Pan-African studies, African Centered studies, Afrocentric studies, Africalogical studies,
Голоса Африки: подкаст как новая форма устной истории
At the beginning of the 21st century, the digital revolution has become global. Digitalization has overcome the boundaries of the field of information technology and began to provoke the
Founding the First PhD in Black Studies: A Sankofa Remembrance and Critical Assessment of Its Significance
Clearly, the founding of the first PhD program in Black Studies at Temple University under the leadership of Molefi Kete Asante is a major, defining, and transformative achievement in the advancement
The Black Campus Movement and the Institutionalization of Black Studies, 1965–1970
Hundreds of thousands of Black students forced the institutionalization of the discipline of Black Studies as part of a larger Black Campus Movement that diversified higher education. Several
The Politics of Applied Black Studies
This article documents the activism and applied contributions of select African American social scientists whose applied methods from the mid-1890s to the present made contributions to understanding
Toward Organizational Dialogue in Black Studies
This article is a critical rejoinder to Manning Marable's “Beyond Brown: The Revolution in Black Studies,” featured in the Summer 2005 issue of The Black Scholar . Written in the form of a letter,
A Eurocentric Reflection in Josep Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
  • A. Aydin
  • Art
    Journal of History Culture and Art Research
  • 2018
The two continents, African and European have been in conflict for centuries and their hostility and aggression are derived from two distinct perspectives and portrayals on both sides. The African
Notes on Black Studies: Its Continuing Necessity in the Academy and Beyond
This article relates specifically to the discussion concerning the state of Black studies in the United States. Paradoxically, although providing a defense for its longevity, it is acknowledged
All the 'Africans' Are Men, All the "Sistas" Are "American," but Some of Us Resist: Realizing African Feminism(s) as an Africological Research Methodology
Since its inception, Africology (Afro-American/Black/African American Studies) has had to address questions related to its vision, purpose, structure, function, nomenclature, theoretical
And Thus We Shall Survive: The Perseverance of the South Side Community Art Center as a Counter-narrative, 1938–1959
This chapter explores the South Side Community Art Center’s history as a counter-narrative to the dominant historical canon in art education history. First, the theoretical framework created to