Encouraging the installation of rollover protective structures in New York State: the design of a social marketing intervention

  title={Encouraging the installation of rollover protective structures in New York State: the design of a social marketing intervention},
  author={Julie A. Sorensen and John J. May and Ronne Ostby-Malling and Thomas Lehmen and J Strand and Hans Stenlund and Lars W. Einehall and Maria Emmelin},
  journal={Scandinavian Journal of Public Health},
  pages={859 - 869}
Aims: Increasing the percentage of rollover protective structure (ROPS) equipped tractors has been the focus of many agricultural safety campaigns. Traditionally efforts have attempted to persuade farmers through education or community awareness interventions. These efforts have lead to marginal change. In response, a social marketing approach was tested as a means for increasing interest in ROPS retrofitting in New York. Methods: An initial phone survey was conducted with a random sample of… 

The social marketing of safety behaviors: a quasi-randomized controlled trial of tractor retrofitting incentives.

A social marketing approach (financial incentives, tailored messages, and promotion) had the greatest influence on message recall, readiness to retrofitting tractors, and intentions to retrofit tractors and that behavioral measures were fairly good predictors of tractor retrofitting behaviors.

Evaluating Tractor Safety Messages: A Concept Development Project

This article describes a formative strategy for developing effective tractor safety messages aimed at small crop and livestock farmers in New York. This population accounts for the highest proportion

Identifying Topics and Dissemination Methods for Agricultural Safety and Health Messages

As farm demographics change, it is important to create relatable, research-based safety and health materials, and deliver information via preferable methods. Three data collection methods (focus

Factors affecting marketing channel selection by rice farmers in Thailand

This study examines the factors that affect marketing channel selections of rice farmers in Thailand, which are believed to be distinctive compared with those of other agricultural products. One of

Increases in ROPS pricing from 2006-2012 and the impact on ROPS demand.

The proportion of inquiries resulting in a ROPS retrofit will fall below 20% by 2020 for AM ROPS, and it is reasonable to assume that decreases in ROPS installation are likely to affect the tractor owners who are most likely to need these safety devices.

Engaging Action : A Systemic Approach to Communication Design of Social Marketing Campaigns for Behaviour Adoption

Shifting towards sustainability in environmental, social and economic systems is an urgent concern for society today. In order to contribute to this, the thesis focuses on behaviour orientated social

Stakeholder Experiences Implementing a National ROPS Rebate Program: A Grounded Theory Situational Analysis

Based on the results of this study, two areas of needed improvement to the National ROPS Rebate Program implementation strategy were identified: appropriateness and feasibility of inner setting stakeholder engagement, and receptivity of outer setting stakeholders and potential funders.

Retrofitting tractors with rollover protective structures: perspective of equipment dealers.

A key finding is that most dealers do not currently sell or install ROPS retrofit kits and recommendations include establishing a ROPS "clearing house" that dealers could contact to facilitate locating and obtaining ROPS orders from customers.

Adapting Certified Safe Farm to North Carolina Agriculture: An Implementation Study

The CSF implementation process in North Carolina, as piloted on a large-scale in three agriculturally diverse and productive counties of NC, is described and its effectiveness using the Reach Effectiveness Adoption Implementation Maintenance (RE-AIM) framework is reported.

Key factors for successful implementation of the National Rollover Protection Structure Rebate Program: A correlation analysis using the consolidated framework for implementation research.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the success of the NRRP implementation using short- and long-term ROPS outcome measures and identify which components of the consolidated framework for implementation research (CFIR) correlate with these outcomes.



Encouraging farmers to retrofit tractors: a qualitative analysis of risk perceptions among a group of high-risk farmers in New York.

Recommendations for researchers planning retrofitting interventions would be to focus safety messages on the risk to significant others or on the financial impact of rollovers, and to provide financial incentives and assistance to farmers considering retrofitting.

Risk perceptions, barriers, and motivators to tractor ROPS retrofitting in the New York state farm community.

A seven-question survey was developed, designed to assess perceptions of risk as well as potential motivators and barriers to retrofitting, and indicated that most farmers in New York understand the importance of ROPS but lack the proper motivation to consider retrofitting.

Rollover protection on New York tractors and farmers' readiness for change.

The current prevalence and distribution of rollover protective structures (ROPS) on New York farm tractors is described, and three-quarters of New York farmers are in the "precontemplation" stage of change relative to ROPS retrofitting, and this varies little by size of operation, age of farmer, or the presence of child tractor operators.

Social marketing in a rural African district.

A post-study assessment found people content with the product and its presentation, so the social marketing program was officially launched in September, 1992 and condoms were sold heavily in the 1st few weeks of the program despite the lack of media and newspaper coverage per national government condom policy.

ROPS retrofitting: measuring effectiveness of incentives and uncovering inherent barriers to success.

  • E. Hallman
  • Economics
    Journal of agricultural safety and health
  • 2005
Study results showed that cost was not the only factor affecting farmers' reluctance to retrofit, and a perceived and actual "hassle factor" was found to be endemic to the retrofitting process and a significant obstacle to farmers' willingness to retrofitting, no matter the level of financial subsidy.

Social marketing: an overview of approach and effects

It is suggested that social marketing represents a viable companion to control and education approaches to behavior change to promote teen driving safety and is distinguished between the practice of commercial marketing and social marketing.

A Safety Survey of Auctioned Farm Equipment

Anecdotal evidence from New York farmers suggests that many of the unsafe implements on New York farms were purchased at auction in that condition. Surveys of midwestern dealer lots have also

BC Walks: Replication of a Communitywide Physical Activity Campaign.

The BC Walks campaign replicated the earlier Wheeling Walks initiative, although increases in walking were smaller in the BCWalks campaign.