[Encounter with Chinese psychiatry (II). Communal psychiatry in Shanghai (author's transl)].

  • Guido Koehler
  • Published 1981 in MMW, Münchener medizinische Wochenschrift


The development of communal psychiatry in the City of Shanghai is far advanced. Two large psychiatric hospitals with a total capacity of 2000 beds, 10 regional and 10 district hospitals with 10 - 100 beds assume the hospital care of the local communities, i. e., for each 100,000 inhabitants 50 psychiatric hospital beds are available at present. The network of psychiatric and psychosocial services extends from special hospitals and psychiatric departments through cooperation with psychiatrically trained and supervised doctors of all hospitals and the barefoot doctors, through the health officers in the street communities, in the sanitary stations in the large factories up to the management of the street committees.

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