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Encounter in the classroom : new ways of teaching

  title={Encounter in the classroom : new ways of teaching},
  author={Elizabeth Hunter},
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approved: Redacted for Privacy ()James D. White Pillaromycin A, an antibiotic natural product, displays antitumor activity with relatively low cardiotoxicity compared to the structurally similar
Enhancing Prosocial Behavior through Cooperative Learning in the Classroom
One of the primary institutions for socialization in society is the school. The entire school and classroom system can be viewed as a critical arena for the study and development of prosocial
Changing the Dynamics of the Classroom.
Elizabeth Hunter Department of Curriculum and Teaching Hunter College City University of New York X W hile many teachers say they accept as axiomatic that the best way to learn to do is by doing
The Group Centered Classroom: Alternative to Individualized Instruction?.
Individualized instruction is neither desir able nor possible. As a "sure cure" for every educational ill, from the teacher surplus to declining reading levels, individualization has be come the