Encoding the /spl lscr//sub p/ ball from limited measurements


We address the problem of encoding signals which are sparse, i.e. signals that are concentrated on a set of small support. Mathematically, such signals are modeled as elements in the /spl lscr//sub p/ ball for some p < 1. We describe a strategy for encoding elements of the /spl lscr//sub p/ ball which is universal in that 1) the encoding procedure is completely generic, and does not depend on p (the sparsity of the signal), and 2) it achieves near-optimal minimax performance simultaneously for all p < 1. What makes our coding procedure unique is that it requires only a limited number of nonadaptive measurements of the underlying sparse signal; we show that near-optimal performance can be obtained with a number of measurements that is roughly proportional to the number of bits used by the encoder. We end by briefly discussing these results in the context of image compression.

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@article{Candes2006EncodingT, title={Encoding the /spl lscr//sub p/ ball from limited measurements}, author={E . Candes and J. Romberg}, journal={Data Compression Conference (DCC'06)}, year={2006}, pages={33-42} }