Encoding and decoding of BCH codes using light and short codewords

  title={Encoding and decoding of BCH codes using light and short codewords},
  author={Ron M. Roth and Gadiel Seroussi},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory},
It is shown that every q-ary primitive Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghen code of designed distance delta and sufficiently large length n contains a codeword c/sub 0/ of weight w=O( delta ) and degree deg(c/sub 0/)=o(n). Here, the standard asymptotic notation O( delta ) is used for a function f( delta ) bounded above by lambda delta for some constant lambda , and o(n) for a function h(n) such that lim/sub n/ to infinity h(n)/n=O. These so-called light and short codewords are used to describe encoding… 

Forward collision resolution - A technique for random multiple-access to the adder channel

A method for constructing codes that achieve error-free M-Choose-T communication over the noiseless adder channel (AC), at a nominal rate of 1/T bits per channel symbol per active user, is described and an efficient decoding procedure is presented.

Irreducibles of Tetranomial Type

A binary polynomial p(x) will be said to be of tetranomial type precisely when (x + l)p(x) has just four terms. One motivation for this is the common use of tetranomials of the form (x + l)p(x),

An efficient multiple-access method for the binary adder channel

  • I. Bar-DavidE. PlotnikR. Rom
  • Computer Science
    IEEE INFOCOM '89, Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies
  • 1989
The authors define a system model that includes the channel and the coding mechanism and explain the M-choose-T communication mode which is fundamental to their method and address the system's performance.

Generalized Concatenated Codes for Block and Device Failure Protection

  • P. TrifonovYuangang Wang
  • Computer Science
    2016 IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT)
  • 2016
A code construction based on generalized concatenated codes is proposed for protection against device and block failures in storage systems and improves upon recently proposed STAIR codes in terms of performance and achievable code parameters.

Voronoi Shaping for Lattices With Efficient Encoding

Using the proposed Voronoi shaping method, lattice encoding complexity is reduced to the encoding complexity of the underlying error-correcting code.

Finding Short and Light Codewords in BCH Codes

A new algorithm is presented for finding codewords that are of low weight ("light") and low degree ("short") in narrow-sense binary BCH codes of length n=2/sup m/-1 and minimum weight d=2/sup t/-1,

On the Probability That a T-subset of a Nite Vector Space Contains an R-subspace{with Applications to Short, Light Codewords in a Bch Code

The problem of determining the probability that a random t-set of vectors in an n dimensional vector space over GF (q) contains an r-dimensional subspace (or aane subspace) is considered.



Theory of Error-correcting Codes

This course expounds the principles of coded modulations for the Gaussian channel and, if time permits, for Rician and Rayleigh fading channels (fully interleaved), and reminds students of the basics of the theory of linear codes for conventional memoryless ergodic channels.

Shift-register synthesis and BCH decoding

  • J. Massey
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1969
It is shown in this paper that the iterative algorithm introduced by Berlekamp for decoding BCH codes actually provides a general solution to the problem of synthesizing the shortest linear feedback

Algebraic coding theory

  • E. Berlekamp
  • Computer Science
    McGraw-Hill series in systems science
  • 1968
This is the revised edition of Berlekamp's famous book, "Algebraic Coding Theory," originally published in 1968, wherein he introduced several algorithms which have subsequently dominated engineering

Probabilistic Algorithms in Finite Fields

  • M. Rabin
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    SIAM J. Comput.
  • 1980
We present probabilistic algorithms for the problems of finding an irreducible polynomial of degree n over a finite field, finding roots of a polynomial, and factoring a polynomial into its

The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms

This text introduces the basic data structures and programming techniques often used in efficient algorithms, and covers use of lists, push-down stacks, queues, trees, and graphs.

The art of computer programming: sorting and searching (volume 3)

Apparatus for supporting different nets for various sporting purposes including interengaging tubular rods which are arranged to interconnect and have ground engaging portions suitable to be useful

Probabilistic algorithms in fini~ fields

  • SIAM J. Comp
  • 1980

The Art of Computer Programming Seminumerical Algorithms

  • The Art of Computer Programming Seminumerical Algorithms

Algorithms for integer and polynomial multiplication

  • Ph.D. Thesis, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
  • 1982

Schnelle multiplikation von po1ynomen iiber korpem der charakteristic 2

  • Acta Informatica
  • 1977