Enchondromatosis and hemangioma (Maffucci's syndrome) with orbital involvement.


Maffucci's syndrome is a rare, congenital disease of unknown cause characterized by the development of multiple enchondromas and soft-tissue hemangiomas. We treated a 34-year-old man with Maffucci's syndrome, bilateral proptosis secondary to multiple intraorbital hemangiomas, corneal exposure secondary to a left facial nerve palsy, and multiple intra… (More)


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@article{Johnson1990EnchondromatosisAH, title={Enchondromatosis and hemangioma (Maffucci's syndrome) with orbital involvement.}, author={T. E. Johnson and A M Nasr and Raffi Nalbandian and Jan M. Cappelen-Smith}, journal={American journal of ophthalmology}, year={1990}, volume={110 2}, pages={153-9} }