Encephalization of Australian and New Guinean marsupials.

  title={Encephalization of Australian and New Guinean marsupials.},
  author={Ken William S Ashwell},
  journal={Brain, behavior and evolution},
  volume={71 3},
Encephalization of Australian marsupials was analyzed using the endocranial volume (ECV) of 52 species of Dasyuromorphia and Notoryctemorphia, 14 species of Peramelemorphia and 116 species of Diprotodontia from Australia and New Guinea and compared with 16 species of Ameridelphian marsupials and 3 species of native and recently introduced Australian eutherian carnivores (dingo, feral cat and feral fox). Linear regression analysis of the relationship between ECV and body weight for marsupials… CONTINUE READING


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