Encapsulated islets transplantation: Past, present and future.

  title={Encapsulated islets transplantation: Past, present and future.},
  author={Naoaki Sakata and Shoichiro Sumi and Gumpei Yoshimatsu and Masafumi Goto and Shinichi Egawa and Michiaki Unno},
  journal={World journal of gastrointestinal pathophysiology},
  volume={3 1},
Islet transplantation could become an ideal treatment for severe diabetes to prevent hypoglycemia shock and irreversible diabetic complications, once some of the major and unresolved obstacles are overcome, including limited donor supplies and side effects caused by permanent immunosuppressant use. Approximately 30 years ago, some groups succeeded in improving the blood glucose of diabetic animals by transplanting encapsulated islets with semi-permeable membranes consisting of polymer. A semi… CONTINUE READING


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