Enantioselectivity of haloalkane dehalogenases and its modulation by surface loop engineering.

  title={Enantioselectivity of haloalkane dehalogenases and its modulation by surface loop engineering.},
  author={Zbynek Prokop and Yukari Sato and Jan Brezovsky and Tom{\'a}s Mozga and Radka Chaloupkova and Tana Koudelakova and Petr Jer{\'a}bek and Veronika {\vS}těp{\'a}nkov{\'a} and Ryo Natsume and Jan G E van Leeuwen and Dick B. Janssen and Jan Flori{\'a}n and Yuji Nagata and Toshiya Senda and Jiř{\'i} Damborsk{\'y}},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
  volume={49 35},
Enzymes are widely used for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and food additives because they can catalyze enantioselective transformations. Understanding the molecular basis of enzyme–substrate interactions that contribute to enantioselectivity is important for constructing selective enzymes by protein engineering. Up to now, emphasis has been on reactions such as lipaseor esterase-based kinetic resolutions, 3] as well as lyase-, aminotransferaseand ketoreductase-mediated… CONTINUE READING

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