Enantioselective disposition after single dose I.V administration of ketorolac in male Wistar rats.

  title={Enantioselective disposition after single dose I.V administration of ketorolac in male Wistar rats.},
  author={Sunil Kumar Dubey and Ramkrishna. Saha and Naresh Mittapelly and Animesh Anand},
  journal={Drug research},
  volume={63 1},
Ketorolac, a commonly used anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent, was studied in male wistar rats. The plasma samples were analysed using chiral AGP column with UV detection. The experimental data was analysed for probable fit in the compartmental and non-compartmental models using WinNolin software. The data of (+)-R-Ketorolac and (-)-S-Ketorolac was found to fit into the compartmental as well as non compartmental model. There was a difference between the plasma concentrations of (+)-R… CONTINUE READING

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