Enantioselective degradation and ecotoxicity of the chiral herbicide diclofop in three freshwater alga cultures.

  title={Enantioselective degradation and ecotoxicity of the chiral herbicide diclofop in three freshwater alga cultures.},
  author={Xiyun Cai and Weiping Liu and Guangyao Sheng},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={56 6},
Aryloxyphenoxypropanoates are a class of chiral herbicides. They have a pair of enantiomers, only the R(+) form of which is herbicidally active. Diclofop, the model compound of these herbicides, is commercialized as the racemate of the ester form, diclofop-methyl, consisting of a 1:1 mixture of the enantiomers. This study evaluated the enantioselectivity in aquatic toxicity and biodegradation of diclofop and diclofop-methyl. The herbicidally inactive S(-) enantiomers of both diclofop-methyl and… CONTINUE READING

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