Enamel matrix proteins and ameloblast biology.

  title={Enamel matrix proteins and ameloblast biology.},
  author={Dan Deutsch and J. Catalano-Sherman and Leah Dafni and Sophia David and Aaron Palmon},
  journal={Connective tissue research},
  volume={32 1-4},
The paper reviews the changes in ameloblast ultrastructure, concomitant with the changes in its functions across the major stages of amelogenesis. It describes the mechanisms associated with the major events in biosynthesis and degradation of the major enamel proteins (amelogenins and tuftelin/enamelins) and with the presecretory and postsecretory mechanisms leading to the heterogeneity of these extracellular matrix proteins. The gene structure, chromosomal localization, protein, primary… CONTINUE READING