Enacted Inertia: Australian Fossil Fuel Incumbents’ Strategies to Undermine Challengers

  title={Enacted Inertia: Australian Fossil Fuel Incumbents’ Strategies to Undermine Challengers},
  author={Marc Hudson},
  journal={The Palgrave Handbook of Managing Fossil Fuels and Energy Transitions},
  • M. Hudson
  • Published 2019
  • Political Science
  • The Palgrave Handbook of Managing Fossil Fuels and Energy Transitions
Australia is particularly vulnerable to climate impacts. It also has virtually unlimited supplies of sun and wind for renewable energy generation. However, its per capita greenhouse gas emissions are the highest in the OECD. This is despite policymaker awareness of anthropogenic global warming dating back more than 30 years. The cause of this seeming paradox is Australia’s reliance on coal and natural gas for electricity generation. Alongside wind and solar, Australia also has superabundant… 

Three Decades of Climate Mitigation: Why Haven't We Bent the Global Emissions Curve?

Despite three decades of political efforts and a wealth of research on the causes and catastrophic impacts of climate change, global carbon dioxide emissions have continued to rise and are 60% higher

Simulated Fast Neutron Instrument Backgrounds at a MW Spallation Source

Like every megaproject, the European Spallation Source (ESS) currently under construction in Lund, Sweden, has had to make a number of inevitable compromises to remain within budget and on schedule.



What does Canute want? The “Monash Forum” and the Australian Climate Deadlock

  • M. Hudson
  • Political Science
    Energy Research & Social Science
  • 2019

Running from the Storm: The Development of Climate Change Policy in Australia

Climate change on a global scale has been described as 'the mother of all environmental issues', with many scientists warning of the dire consequences already facing us, even if remedial action is

Regulatory Chill in a Warming World: The Threat to Climate Policy Posed by Investor-State Dispute Settlement

Abstract The system of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) found in over 3,000 bilateral investment treaties and numerous regional trade agreements has been criticized for interfering with the

Burying the Problem

Our present dependency on fossil fuels may be reduced through greater energy efficiency and the development of alternative energy sources. However, fossil fuels will continue to dominate energy

Big Coal: Australia's Dirtiest Habit

Australia's dirtiest habit is its addiction to coal. But is our dependence on it a road to prosperity or a dead end? Are we hooked for life? And who is profiting from our addiction? Former lobbyist

Boiling Point : how politicians, big oil and coal, journalists, and activists are fueling the climate crisis--and what we can do to avert disaster

From a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, a shocking expos of the forces that perpetuate the crisis of global warming- with a prescription for saving the planet. In Boiling Point , Pulitzer