Enabling technologies for visible adaptive optics: the Magellan adaptive secondary VisAO camera

  title={Enabling technologies for visible adaptive optics: the Magellan adaptive secondary VisAO camera},
  author={Derek Kopon and Jared R. Males and Laird M. Close and Victor L. Gasho},
  booktitle={Optical Engineering + Applications},
Since its beginnings, diffraction-limited ground-based adaptive optics (AO) imaging has been limited to wavelengths in the near IR (λ>1μm) and longer. Visible AO (λ>1μm) has proven to be difficult because shorter wavelengths require wavefront correction on very short spatial and temporal scales. The pupil must be sampled very finely, which requires dense actuator spacing and fine wavefront sampling with large dynamic range. In addition, atmospheric dispersion is much more significant in the… Expand
Frame selection techniques for the Magellan adaptive optics VisAO camera
A novel real-time frame selection technique is developed, which will use AO system telemetry and a fast shutter to limit CCD exposure to these very brief moments of higher Strehl. Expand
Laboratory demonstration of real time frame selection with Magellan AO
A form of lucky imaging is developed, called real time frame selection, which uses a fast shutter to block moments of bad correction, and quickly opens the shutter when the correction is good, enabling long integrations on a conventional CCD while maximizing Strehl ratio and resolution. Expand
The First Circumstellar Disk Imaged in Silhouette at Visible Wavelengths with Adaptive Optics: MagAO Imaging of Orion 218-354
We present high-resolution adaptive optics (AO) corrected images of the silhouette disk Orion 218-354 taken with Magellan AO (MagAO) and its visible light camera, VisAO, in simultaneous differentialExpand
Calibrating Astronomical Spectrographs with Frequency Combs
Im Rahmen dieser Arbeit wurde ein Frequenzkamm entwickelt, um astronomische Spektrographen besser kalibrieren zu konnen. Im Jahr 1999 hat die Entwicklung des Frequenzkamms den Bereich derExpand


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