Enabling context-aware multimedia annotation by a novel generic semantic problem-solving platform


Automatic generation of metadata, facilitating the retrieval of multimedia items, potentially saves large amounts of manual work. However, the high specialization degree of feature extraction algorithms makes them unaware of the context they operate in, which contains valuable and often necessary information. In this paper, we show how Semantic Web technologies can provide a context that algorithms can interact with. We propose a generic problem-solving platform that uses Web services and various knowledge sources to find solutions to complex requests. The platform employs a reasoner-based composition algorithm, generating an execution plan that combines several algorithms as services. It then supervises the execution of this plan, intervening in case of errors or unexpected behavior. We illustrate our approach by a use case in which we annotate the names of people depicted in a photograph.

DOI: 10.1007/s11042-010-0709-6

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