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Enabling Semi-Autonomous Manipulation on iRobot's PackBot

  title={Enabling Semi-Autonomous Manipulation on iRobot's PackBot},
  author={PackBot and Jessica Rose Gwozdz},
Professor Dmitry Berenson This report represents work of WPI undergraduate students submitted to the faculty as evidence of a degree requirement. WPI routinely publishes these reports on its web site without editorial or peer review. For more information about the projects program at WPI, see Figure 4-System model displaying how IK solutions are turned into trajectories and executed Figure 12-A complex scene represented by a picture, unprocessed point cloud data imported into OpenRAVE, and… 
Mini-Batched Online Incremental Learning Through Supervisory Teleoperation with Kinesthetic Coupling*
The proposed approach reduces human workload and latency for a rhythmic peg-in-hole teleoperation task where online partial modification is required during the task operation.
A Self-Sealing Suction Technology for Versatile Grasping
This thesis describes the design, development, and evaluation of a novel “selfsealing” suction technology for grasping, which includes self-seal quality and leakage, object seal and reseal, cycle performance, and normal and shear forcedisplacement.
Motion Kinematics Analysis of a Horse Inspired Terrain-Adaptive Unmanned Vehicle With Four Hydraulic Swing Arms
This article proposes a novel horse inspired all terrain eight-wheeled vehicle with four swing arms for transportation in the mountain battlefield and designs the mechanism structure and system configuration based on the horse leg kinematics analysis.


OpenRAVE: A Planning Architecture for Autonomous Robotics
This work introduces an open-source cross-platform software architecture called OpenRAVE, the Open Robotics and Animation Virtual Environment, targeted for real-world autonomous robot applications, and includes a seamless integration of 3-D simulation, visualization, planning, scripting and control.
PackBot: a versatile platform for military robotics
The iRobot PackBot is a combat-tested, man-portable UGV that has been deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The PackBot is also a versatile platform for mobile robotics research and development that
Challenges for Robot Manipulation in Human Environments
From the Robotics Science and Systems Workshop: Manipulation for Human Environments, a perspective on this exciting area of robotics is presented, as informed by the workshop and the research.
Traded Control with Autonomous Robots as Mixed Initiative Interaction
The problem domain is traded control with an autonomous robot, the initial attempts at defining a software architecture that operates in the domain are described and an intelligent software architecture designed for autonomous robot control is defined.
Manipulation planning with caging grasps
A novel motion planning algorithm for performing constrained tasks such as opening doors and drawers by robots such as humanoid robots or mobile manipulators that significantly increase the range of possible motions of the robot by not having to enforce rigid constraints between the end-effector and the target object.
LABRADOR: a learning autonomous behavior-based robot for adaptive detection and object retrieval
While the full LABRADOR system was not integrated in time to compete in the CANINE competition event, the full system developed useful perception, navigation, and behavior capabilities that may be applied to future autonomous robot systems.
Grasp planning in complex scenes
This paper combines grasp analysis and manipulation planning techniques to perform fast grasp planning in complex scenes and introduces a framework for finding valid grasps in cluttered environments that combines a grasp quality metric for the object with information about the local environment around the object and informationabout the robot's kinematics.
TRAINS-95: Towards a Mixed-Initiative Planning Assistant
The implementation of a prototype version of a mixed-initiative planning system, TRAINS-95, which helps a manager solve routing problems in a simple transportation domain, and how traditional planning technology does not play a major role in the system is described.
Griffon: a man-portable hybrid UGV/UAV
The Griffon air mobility system consisting of a gasoline‐powered propeller engine, a steerable parafoil, and a radio‐controlled servo system, integrated with a PackBot prototype, to demonstrate the feasibility of developing a man‐portable hybrid UGV/UAV.
Stingray: High-Speed Teleoperation of UGVs in Urban Terrain Using Driver-Assist Behaviors and Immersive Telepresence
Abstract : In order to extend the usefulness of small unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) to a wider range of missions, we are developing techniques to enable high-speed teleoperated control. Our goal is