Enabling Cu-Cu connection in (dual) damascene interconnects by selective deposition of two different SAM molecules

  title={Enabling Cu-Cu connection in (dual) damascene interconnects by selective deposition of two different SAM molecules},
  author={A. Maestre Caro and Youssef Travaly and Guido Maes and Gustaaf Borghs and Silvia Armini},
  journal={2011 IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference},
Two different material-selective Self assembled monolayers (SAMs) were successfully deposited on Cu and SiO2 structures that mimic the Dual Damascene integration scheme. A two-step SAM coating process is presented. First, a “sacrificial” SAM is deposited at the Cu bottom and secondly, a “barrier” SAM at the SiO2 surface. The order in the SAMs deposition sequence and the differential thermal release of the thiol “sacrificial” SAM vs. the amino “barrier” SAM, allows an oxide-free Cu-to-Cu… 

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