Enabling Automated Network Services Provisioning for Cloud Based Applications Using Zero Touch Provisioning

  title={Enabling Automated Network Services Provisioning for Cloud Based Applications Using Zero Touch Provisioning},
  author={Yuri Demchenko and Sonja Filiposka and Raimundas Tuminauskas and Anastas Mishev and Kurt Baumann and Damir Regvart and Tony Breach},
  journal={2015 IEEE/ACM 8th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC)},
Modern research and education networks need to solve two major tasks: (1) providing seamless access to their users, and (2) support new scientific and collaborative applications that are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic in their scale, use of distributed resources, and required advanced networking services. Rapid deployment and automation of new network services provisioning is becoming difficult in large networks that incorporate different technologies and solutions. The task of… 

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