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Enabling Adaptive Grid Scheduling and Resource Management

  title={Enabling Adaptive Grid Scheduling and Resource Management},
  author={Aleksandar Lazarevic and Lionel Sacks and Ognjen Prnjat},
Wider adoption of the Grid concept has led to an increasing amount of federated computational, storage and visualisation resources being available to scientists and researchers. Distributed and heterogeneous nature of these resources renders most of the legacy cluster monitoring and management approaches inappropriate, and poses new challenges in workflow scheduling on such systems. Effective resource utilisation monitoring and highly granular yet adaptive measurements are prerequisites for a… 


GridSim: a toolkit for the modeling and simulation of distributed resource management and scheduling for Grid computing
This work states that clusters, Grids, and peer‐to‐peer (P2P) networks have emerged as popular paradigms for next generation parallel and distributed computing and introduces a number of resource management and application scheduling challenges in the domain of security, resource and policy heterogeneity, fault tolerance, continuously changing resource conditions, and politics.
Simgrid: a toolkit for the simulation of application scheduling
  • H. Casanova
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings First IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid
  • 2001
This work presents Simgrid a simulation toolkit for the study of scheduling algorithms for distributed application, giving the main concepts and models behind Simgrid, its API and current implementation issues, and describes work that builds on Simgrid's functionalities.
Application level active network (alan) server management architecture
The architecture allowing efficient resource and security control is presented, including detaileduml diagrams capturing the management functionality, as well as a set of concrete management policies for thealan scenario.
Security and resource policy-based mangagement architecture for ALAN servers
This paper presents the security and resource management architecture developed to support the application of the ANDROID policy-based principles to manage the ALAN servers, and presents the architecture, as well as the sample policy sets.
eXist: An Open Source Native XML Database
  • Wolfgang Meier
  • Computer Science
    Web, Web-Services, and Database Systems
  • 2002
This paper presents the storage, indexing and query processing architecture of eXist, an Open Source native XML database system that is tightly integrated with existing tools and covers most of thenative XML database features.
SLA Management and Resource Modeling for Grid Computing
  • London Communications Symposium,
  • 2003