Emx2 and early hair cell development in the mouse inner ear

  title={Emx2 and early hair cell development in the mouse inner ear},
  author={Matthew C. Holley and Charlotte Rhodes and Adam Kneebone and Michel K. Herde and Michelle T. Fleming and Karen P. Steel},
  booktitle={Developmental biology},
Emx2 is a homeodomain protein that plays a critical role in inner ear development. Homozygous null mice die at birth with a range of defects in the CNS, renal system and skeleton. The cochlea is shorter than normal with about 60% fewer auditory hair cells. It appears to lack outer hair cells and some supporting cells are either absent or fail to differentiate. Many of the hair cells differentiate in pairs and although their hair bundles develop normally their planar cell polarity is compromised… CONTINUE READING


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Planar cell polarity in the inner ear.

Current topics in developmental biology • 2012
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