Emulsification of Densiron-68 used in inferior retinal detachment surgery

  title={Emulsification of Densiron-68 used in inferior retinal detachment surgery},
  author={Mohammed Abdul Majid and Hussin Mohamed Hussin and Susmito Biswas and Richard J Haynes and Eric J Mayer and Andrew D Dick},
PurposeTo report the clinical features of eight patients presenting with emulsification of the heavier than water vitreous substitute, Densiron-68.MethodsTwo patients underwent primary inferior retinal detachment (RD) surgery, two patients underwent giant retinal tear repair, three patients had repair of inferior RD complicated by proliferative vitreoretinopathy and one patient had inferior RD surgery following repair of a scleral rupture. All patients had insertion of Densiron-68… CONTINUE READING