Empty Nest Syndromeと思われる症例の検討

  title={Empty Nest Syndromeと思われる症例の検討},
  author={典子 森 and 聡 奥田 and 正治 野田 and 洋 西脇 and 尚美 吉田 and 進 皿井 and 貞二 岡田 and 利勝 印東},
When children leave home for college or to begin their independent adult lives, many parents experience strong feelings of sadness, guilt and worry. You may be having trouble “letting go,” or acknowledging the sudden reality that you are no longer responsible for your child. At the same time, you are probably proud of your child’s accomplishments, happy for him or her, and perhaps excited about your own freedom. Experts call what you are experiencing “empty nest syndrome.” 
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