Empowering the impaired through the appropriate use of Information Technology and Internet.

  • Ishita Sanyal
  • Published 2006 in Studies in health technology and informatics


Developments in the fields of science and technology have revolutionized Human Life at material level. But in actuality, this progress is only superficial: underneath modern men and women are living in conditions of great mental and emotional stress, even in developed and affluent countries. People from all over the world irrespective of culture and economic background suffer from mental illness and though a number of researches are carried out worldwide but till date it has not been possible to resolve the problem. In today's world stress is increasing everyday. The individualistic approach towards life; the neonatal family system has increased the burden even further. Without adequate support system of friends and relatives--people are falling prey to mental illness. The insecurities, the inferiority feelings of these persons lead to disruption of communication between the sufferer and the family members and friends. The sufferers prefer to confine themselves within the four walls of their home and remain withdrawn from the whole world. They prefer to stay in touch with their world of fantasy--far away from the world of reality. Disability caused by some of the mental illnesses often remains invisible to the society leading to lack of support system and facilities for them. These unfortunate disabled persons not only need medication and counseling but a thorough rehabilitation programme to bring them back to the main stream of life. The task being not an easy one. According to the research works these persons need some work and income to improve their quality of life. In this scenario where society is adverse towards them, where stigma towards mental illness prevails; where help from friends and community is not available- training them in computer and forming groups through computer was thought to be an ideal option for the solution- a solution to the problems of modern life through modern technology. * It was seen that this insecure disabled persons feel free to experiment with machine more easily than with society and people. * Computer provides them the needed education and information needed for their further developments. * Computers provide them facilities to interact with others and form self-help groups. * Computers also enabled them to earn their livelihood. Thus this modern gadget, which is sometimes believed to make a man loner, has been actually acting as the bridge between the persons suffering from mental illness to the society in general. The disabled person also gains confidence and courage as they gain control over the machine. Gaining control over the machine helps them to gain control over their life. The product of Science and technology has been seen to revolutionized Human Life not only in material level but also on personal level- helping the disabled to gain control over their lives.

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